Preventive Measures Legacy Scholarship

An Invitation from Dwayne L. Jones

Now Accepting Applications!

Preventive Measures is committed to higher education and empowering the next generation of professionals within the field of Human Services. Since 2019, Preventive Measures has awarded almost $60,000 in scholarships to deserving individuals through our Legacy Scholarship and Employee Scholarship Programs. We are now accepting applications for the 2022-2023 school year and we’re poised to award $1500 scholarships to up to 30 students. Please see eligibility requirements in the FAQs below, or click the Welcome link to apply now!

PM Legacy Scholarship Application

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are some of the most common questions concerning the Preventive Measures Legacy Scholarship Program. If your question is not answered here, please email

What are the eligibility requirements for the PM Legacy Scholarship?

    • The deadline to apply is November 4, 2022
    • Must live in OR attend college in PA, GA, or DC Metropolitan Area
    • Must be entering or enrolled in an accredited college or university.
    • Letter of acceptance to an accredited degree program with a major in the area of Human Services (Psychology, Counseling, Social Work, Sociology, Nursing, Home Health, Public Health, Public Administration).
    • Minimum 2.50 grade point average
    • Copy of Final High School or Last Semester College Transcript
    • Two (2) letters of recommendation
    • Recent photo (for promotional purposes)
    • 500-1000 Word Essay: My Impact on Humanity
    • Preventive Measures Employees and Contractors are eligible to apply
    • All scholarship funds must be awarded and disbursed by 12/31/22.

Are Preventive Measures Employees eligible for the PM Legacy Scholarship funds?

Yes. Preventive Measures Employees and Contractors are eligible to apply for both the PM Legacy Scholarship Program AND the Employee Scholarship Program

I work for Preventive Measures. Is my family member eligible to apply for the PM Legacy Scholarship?

Yes, children and other family members of Preventive Measures Employees and Contractors are eligible and encouraged to apply. Family members must meet all the eligibility criteria for the Scholarship Program, with no special consideration for their relation to PM Team Members.

Do I have to be a High School Senior or entering Freshman to apply?

No. PM Legacy Scholarship eligibility includes students entering or already enrolled in an accredited Human Services degree program, as well as adults going back to school to pursue their education in Human Services.

When will Scholarships be awarded to selected recipients?

The Scholarship Committee will select award recipients on a rolling basis until Scholarship funds are depleted. All funds must be awarded and disbursed by 12/31/22. Winners will be notified via email. Scholarship funds will be wired directly to the college or university designated on the Scholarship application.

Are Scholarship funds eligible for online courses?

Yes. Legacy Scholarship funds may be applied to any Human Services degree program, including online courses.

If I am unable to attend school as planned, what happens to my Scholarship funds?

If you are unable to complete your coursework or enrollment as agreed per the Scholarship award, you are responsible to notify the Preventive Measures Scholarship Committee, as well as your school’s Financial Aid office immediately. Preventive Measures will contact the school directly to recover funds. Depending upon the circumstances, students may be eligible to reapply for Scholarship funds the following year.

I was previously awarded the PM Legacy Scholarship. Am I eligible to apply again this year?

Yes, previous recipients may apply, however, priority is given to first-time applicants.