RN and LVN Visits

A registered nurse or licensed vocational nurse will provide care and education regarding wounds, nutrition, medications, or new/existing diagnoses. These visits will include assessment of vital signs such as blood pressure and temperature.

Common health issues that would benefit from skilled nursing care:

      • Congestive Heart Failure​
      • COPD
      • Diabetes
      • High blood pressure
      • Medication changes
      • UTI
      • Surgical wounds
      • Recent discharge from hospital

Our services are specifically beneficial to those patients who meet the Homebound Status requirements according to Medicare. This includes those who:​

      • Are unable to leave home without maximum assistance and/or effort, even for doctor visits or other medical treatment
      • Are unable to ambulate (get around)
      • Have an unsteady gait
      • Require an assistive device like a walker to ambulate
      • Have impaired ability to drive
      • Qualifying for Home Health