Skilled Nursing | Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is needed if a patient has suffered an injury or illness which has affected motor skills or function. The physical therapy program may consist of evaluation, therapeutic exercises, gait training, adaptive equipment recommendations, massage, heat cold or electrical treatments, all geared toward helping the patient attain his/her maximum functional motor potential. Customized exercises may include stretching and strengthening, manual therapy such as soft tissue mobilization, massage, and specialized manual technique.

Common health issues that would benefit from physical therapy:

        • Balance or gait problems
        • Stiff joints and sore muscles
        • General weakness
        • Posture imbalance
        • Injury recovery or joint replacement
        • Recent discharge from rehabilitation facility

Our physical therapy process is easy to get started.

1. Home Safety Evaluation – A licensed physical therapist will assess your home and environment for potential fall risks and other dangers, as well as establish a home exercise program.

2. PT and PTA visits – A physical therapist or physical therapy assistant will work with you in your home on a weekly basis to complete your therapy program. He or she may teach specific exercises, stretches, and techniques, and use specialized equipment to address balance and overall strength.