Why We Walk
Preventive Measures of GA

The pain of losing a child is unimaginable for most. Robin McCrear, Executive Assistant to PM CEO Dwayne Jones, knows that pain firsthand, and credits The Compassionate Friends as being a huge part of her healing process, after losing her son Rich in 2017. Support groups go a long way in providing stability, removing aloneness, and promoting mental well-being. Watch HERE as Robin shares her story of why she chose to walk for Compassionate Friends. For more information, or to support the Georgia Team (PMGA), please visit their fundraiser page here: TEAM PMGA

Why We Walk
Preventive Measures of PA

Local organizations with boots on the ground can literally transform a community. From helping individuals with mental illness live productive, successful lives, to working to eliminate gang violence on the street, The Clubhouse and Promise Neighborhoods are committed to making a difference in the Lehigh Valley. It’s the reason our Pennsylvania Team (Team PMPA), chose to raise money for these organizations in our Million Steps to Mental Health Awareness Walk. PMPA Program Director, Paula Gonzalez, introduces these worthy causes, featuring Pas Simpson, Program Director for Zero Youth Violence, a division of Promise Neighborhoods of the Lehigh Valley. For more information, or to support Team PMPA, please click here: TEAM PMPA

Why We Walk
Preventive Measures of DC

It’s that much more empowering when you know others are in the fight alongside you. Team Washington D.C. (PMDC) selected Martha’s Table, a pillar of the DC community for more than 40 years. Christopher Brown, PMDC Facilities Manager, shares why he chose to walk, and why Martha’s Table matters. To support, or for more information, please visit our PMDC fundraiser page: TEAM PMDC

Why We Walk
Preventive Measures of NC

Chiletta Walls, Director of Creative Development for Preventive Measures, shares why Team North Carolina (PMNC) chose to walk and raise money for Daymark Recovery Services. Daymark is an NC-based non-profit organization providing outpatient and psychiatric services for the treatment of mental illnesses, substance use disorders, and developmental disabilities. Our Million Steps to Mental Health Awareness Walk is all about eliminating barriers to Mental Health Care. Daymark offers access to immediate care, and assists consumers on an income-based, sliding scale. To learn more, or to support Team PMNC, visit here: TEAM PMNC

It’s Scholarship Season!

Last year, we awarded $1,000 scholarships to 15 deserving students. This year, the Preventive Measures Legacy Scholarship Program is even better, with $1,500 scholarship awards for 30 students! Whether you’re entering as Freshman, or heading back to school, Preventive Measures is committed to empowering the next generation of Human Services Professionals. Visit our Scholarship page for eligibility, FAQs, and our convenient online application. Apply today!

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PM Posts

Preventive Measures 2020 – Year in Review

Erin Harris, Preventive Measures’ Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, shares a heartfelt and inspiring message to recap the challenges and triumphs of 2020 and to express deep gratitude for the opportunity to provide essential Mental Health and Home Health services to our clients, without interruption.

Community is What We Do.

In Allentown, PA, Preventive Measures is proud to partner with and provide support for Jerusalem House Ministries, a non-profit organization that has loved and served the community through Pastors Dan and Georgia “Peaches” Adams for over 20 years. PM donated 75 turkeys and assisted with the setup and distribution of items to prepare a family Thanksgiving dinner. Our Washington, DC…

Putting Boots on the Ground: The Role of the CSW

The Department of Behavioral Health (DBH) in Washington, DC understands that mental illness can impact every area of an individual’s life and livelihood. Issues pertaining to mental health may ultimately affect other things, such as the ability to find and maintain employment, hygiene and personal grooming, and many other aspects of daily life. For this reason, DBH supports a holistic…

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Everyone should have access to quality, affordable Mental Healthcare, without the fear of judgment or shame. Whether you’re navigating a difficult life circumstance, or dealing with a specific Mental Health issue, we know seeking help can be a scary, emotional process. That’s why we meet you where you are, wherever you are right now, to empower you with the tools and care you need to live your very best life.

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Home should be a safe, comfortable space where you and your loved ones feel cared for. We all need help sometimes, whether it’s for ourselves, or the people we love. That’s why we meet you where you are, in the comfort of your home, with consistent, quality care and companionship. Our Home Heath Care Services are structured with one thought in mind – to earn your trust. You want to be heard. We’re listening. Give us a call today. Se habla espanol.

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